Pizza Tortellini Salad

It seems there are a million pasta salad recipes going around recently.  And for good reason, who doesn’t love a cold pasta salad especially on a hot day?  This recipe is full of flavor and very filling.  The homemade dressing is a little strong when you first make it but it settles nicely for a great flavor!  Keeps well for a few days in a sealed container.  



Turkey Roll Ups

These little roll ups are a great cold lunch idea….easy to make and delicious! Add some cut up veggies and fruit for a quick lunch. The turkey is paired with a yummy spread made of cream cheese and cranberry sauce. These would also be great party appetizers, sliced and served on a pretty tray. Plan ahead so the wrapped roll ups have time to chill for awhile before slicing.

Meal prep Monday

I love to meal prep and have so many healthy things ready to go in the fridge.  Of course it’s a chore and time consuming but it’s well worth it!  Last night and this morning I have been washing and slicing fresh veggies, fresh fruits and berries, boiling eggs, making pasta salad, starting side dishes for dinner and making chocolate peanut butter fat bombs.  I’m not jumping on the keto (high fat/low carb) bandwagon but I do love these little treats! You can be very creative and try different combinations.  They are high in calories so again, they are meant to be a little treat once in awhile or when cravings strike.  It’s a great way to get in your healthy fats and satisfy that sweet tooth!

Store in freezer.  Keeps for several weeks in a freezer bag or tight sealed container.

Taco Lunch Bowls

This might be my new favorite lunch!  

This lunch is full of fresh ingredients and great flavor!  I wasn’t crazy about using brown rice but I used the boil in a bag method and added a little salt and lime zest to the water, just as the recipe says.  It turned out fluffy, not dry and flavorful.  Brown rice is full of vitamins and nutrients and fiber which keeps you full longer.  It’s also a great source of whole grains.  

I really like the fresh salsa mix of cherry tomatoes, red onion, jalapeno and lime juice.  So fresh and delicious!  I added a few crushed tortilla chips and a little cheddar cheese on top.  

This recipe makes 4 servings.  I love to meal prep so lunch is ready for a couple days.

Make ahead fruit parfaits

Any recipe that starts with “make ahead” is a winner with me!  

This is a very simple but great idea for breakfast and the options are endless.  Be creative, try something new or use family favorites!  I used mason jars and layered vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries, blueberries and dark chocolate granola on top.  It’s loaded with protein and fresh fruit!    

Here’s the granola I used this week:

One bag will last for several servings.  It adds a nice crunch and a little extra sweetness to your breakfast.  

I love this idea because it’s so quick to make ahead, especially if your berries are already washed.  And it’s delicious!

Apple Pie Caramel Apples!

If you have been to Disney World, I’m sure you have seen this awesome treat several times at the theme parks.  

At the parks, you can easily spend $8-10 for one delicious apple.  If you are really craving this vacation treat, you can order it online for $17.95 each.  Or, you can make a batch of these yourself at home for a fraction of the price!  

Allow plenty of time to make this special treat.  I started them early on the July 4th holiday and we enjoyed them later that evening for dessert.  

Bring the magic of Disney (and the memories) right to your kitchen!

Bacon Jalapeño Deviled Eggs

Here’s a new twist to an old favorite!  I recently tried this side recipe for a holiday cookout and it was full of flavor and easy to make.  

This was the first time I ever made deviled eggs, never been a fan.  But, since I started working with a nutritionist in 2011, my tastes are changing.  I love to try new recipes and I’m actually enjoying foods that I’ve never been willing to try before!