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Baked Apple Cider Donuts

This recipe is a perfect fall breakfast treat! The donuts are so soft, moist and full of flavor! It’s a little time consuming but the recipe makes 15-16 donuts so you have plenty to share with a friend and breakfast for your family for a couple mornings. Add a cup of yogurt or fresh fruit and it’s a quick grab and go meal. Bonus~ your house smells amazing!


Mini pumpkin cinnamon rolls

Quick and yummy breakfast treat that is perfect for fall.  You just can’t go wrong with pumpkin butter!

These mini rolls are super easy to make.  The hard part may be finding pumpkin butter at your local stores.  I recently checked Walmart and Kroger with no luck.  It might just be too early in the season because last year Kroger carried this item.  I finally checked a small store (Shop n Save)  that carries Walnut Creek items and sure enough…there were several jars on the shelf.  Serve with a side of strawberries or other fresh fruit.  

Make ahead fruit parfaits

Any recipe that starts with “make ahead” is a winner with me!  

This is a very simple but great idea for breakfast and the options are endless.  Be creative, try something new or use family favorites!  I used mason jars and layered vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries, blueberries and dark chocolate granola on top.  It’s loaded with protein and fresh fruit!    

Here’s the granola I used this week:

One bag will last for several servings.  It adds a nice crunch and a little extra sweetness to your breakfast.  

I love this idea because it’s so quick to make ahead, especially if your berries are already washed.  And it’s delicious!

French Toast with Berry Butter

Recently we watched an episode of Pioneer Woman and she made this delicious looking French toast with berry butter!  The butter is one of those recipes where you think “why didn’t I ever think of that?”  Lacey was anxious to give it a try so we put the ingredients on our shopping list this past week.  

It’s easy to make and very delicious!  It’s a keeper for sure!  Of course, it’s more of an occasional treat….not at all healthy (except fresh fruit) or filling but everything in moderation right?!  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

PB banana muffins

I follow a few BeachBody coaches on social media for inspiration, encouragement and recipes, of course!  I don’t know them personally but I appreciate the fitness and nutrition information that they share!  

I tried this yummy recipe last week from

Scroll down to the blog entry on Feb 3 for the recipe.  All you need is ripe bananas, PB, eggs, vanilla and baking soda.  No flour and no sugar!  I topped it with dark chocolate chips and we had them for breakfast with strawberries for a couple days.  They taste like banana bread and are really moist and light.  By the way, if you don’t have really ripe bananas, Kroger sells them 😊 

No Bake Energy Bites

I love breakfast ideas like this recipe!  So easy to make, healthy and really delicious!  Simply mix all ingredients, chill and roll into balls or spread into a pan to make bars.  

Here’s a quick way to toast coconut, in case you need it.  I forgot and had to look it up today.  Preheat oven to 325.  Spread coconut flakes on a cookie sheet that is lined with parchment paper or silpat mat.  Bake 3 minutes, stir with spatula and then bake 3 more minutes.  Cool completely.  This toasted coconut makes your kitchen smell wonderful!  

I used dark chocolate chips in my recipe but any kind would be good I’m sure.  This recipe is also great because you can mix it up and try different variations of chocolate, dried fruit, nuts or nut butters.  

Kid approved….my girl hates peanut butter but just came back asking for another.  I think these would be great for breakfast with a banana or grapes, as a snack on the go or an after dinner bite size dessert!

Coffee Cake

It seems that I’m constantly looking for new breakfast ideas.  There is always an abundance of snacks, desserts and dinner ideas floating around but not many breakfast recipes.  I ran across a coffee cake recipe from TOH awhile back and decided to make it the other night.  It’s one of those awesome recipes that needs mixed up ahead of time, refrigerate overnight and then just simply bake the next morning!

The other night I went to a surprise birthday party for a sweet friend that just turned 50.  You would never guess her age, she is beautiful (inside and out!) and just full of life.  More importantly, she loves the Lord, her family and friends and shows it in everything she does!

I came home after her party and mixed up this recipe to have for breakfast with my family over the weekend.  It was really good, fresh out of the oven, with a side of fruit and coffee, of course.   I was worried about reheating it but it was still really good the next couple days.