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Coffee Cake

It seems that I’m constantly looking for new breakfast ideas.  There is always an abundance of snacks, desserts and dinner ideas floating around but not many breakfast recipes.  I ran across a coffee cake recipe from TOH awhile back and decided to make it the other night.  It’s one of those awesome recipes that needs mixed up ahead of time, refrigerate overnight and then just simply bake the next morning!

The other night I went to a surprise birthday party for a sweet friend that just turned 50.  You would never guess her age, she is beautiful (inside and out!) and just full of life.  More importantly, she loves the Lord, her family and friends and shows it in everything she does!

I came home after her party and mixed up this recipe to have for breakfast with my family over the weekend.  It was really good, fresh out of the oven, with a side of fruit and coffee, of course.   I was worried about reheating it but it was still really good the next couple days.



Jumbo Caramel Banana Muffins

This TOH recipe is awesome!!  The muffins taste like banana bread, is super moist and topped with a sweet caramel icing!  They are quick to mix up and a great grab and go breakfast with fruit.

I worked the polls on Election Day last week and I knew it would be a very long and interesting day.  When I got home that night, after working over 15 hours, I enjoyed one of these muffins.  I think I will probably remember the 2016 election (the good, the bad and the ugly) every time I make this recipe in the future 😊

The good and the bad

I bought this magazine back in August to take camping with me while at the county fair for a week.    It was a fun but full week and the magazine just laid on the camper table until I packed to come back home. While camping; Adam was recovering from surgery, I was nursing my sick little dog, 4H parade, fair activities and events, friends and family stopping by, Adam’s birthday, 2 doctor appointments and helping Lacey take care of her horse…no time to sit and read magazines.   But lately I have tried 2 recipes so far in this book.  I’m a big fan of Taste of Home and that’s sorta why I was so disappointed with the sweet bread.  I can usually count on their recipes being accurate and delicious!

Wasted ingredients and wasted time on this one….
I planned to have it for breakfast for a couple days with some fruit and freeze the second loaf for later.  It was so dry and had a very strange flavor.  And, I’m still not sure why it would have 8 oz cheddar cheese in it.  Both loaves went in the trash, so disappointing!

On to the good news….I finally made a great pumpkin roll using the recipe in this book!  There are so many recipes for this dessert but this one works, is super yummy and it’s a keeper!  I had one little pie pumpkin left and decided to make this dessert.

I only remember trying to make this recipe one other time years ago and it turned out bad.  I couldn’t get it rolled up and it was just a big mess.  It wasn’t fun and I never tried again, until now!  Plan ahead, it takes awhile to make and it still isn’t that fun in my opinion but it is delicious!   I love to bake but for some reason this recipe isn’t enjoyable….but the results are worth it!

Blueberry Banana Bread

I love Taste of Home recipes!  So when I seen this one floating around the internet lately, I had to try it.  

Lacey and I had fun this evening making this blueberry banana bread for breakfast.  We’ll have it for the next couple mornings with some OJ, peaches or mandarin oranges.   

I read the reviews and made a few changes:  I used coconut oil instead of shortening, used 3 very ripe bananas, added extra blueberries and 1/3 cup sweetened coconut flakes.  We used a Wilton mini bundt pan and made 12 little servings.  We added some chopped pecans to the remaining batter and poured it in a mini loaf pan.


This Pinterest recipe (from thismamacooks!) is a keeper for sure!  It’s a good basic recipe that can be mixed up to change flavors.  The grocery store didn’t have fresh raspberries but they had great looking blackberries so I used them instead.  I also swapped out the raspberry yogurt for vanilla yogurt.  You can also use frozen berries.  They were very moist and delicious for breakfast with a side of peaches.

Raspberry Yogurt Muffins


Amish Bread

Who doesn’t love this type of bread?  We’ve all been given the gross looking bag of contents and messed with it for 10 days.  I found this recipe online at and it’s the one I always use now.  No starter needed.  You can mix it up in 15 minutes and it is moist and delicious.  It makes 2 loaves so you can share with a friend or pop one in the freezer for later.  It freezes very well.  I like to make it ahead of time, freeze one loaf and then pull it out to take on a camping trip.  Add some mandarin oranges or peaches and breakfast is ready!

Follow this link for complete recipe:  Amish Bread

Looking and smelling great right out of the oven last night…….


and then this happened!


Is it because of the glass baking dish?  Usually one loaf sinks a little but this time it really sunk!  I measured the baking powder very carefully to avoid this.  Still tastes good but it’s hard to slice around a hole in the middle!

Can anyone tell me why it does this??  Thanks!