As we finish our monthly morning Bible study this week, I wanted to share a few things and encourage you to read and study the Gospel of Luke.

The Lord took men of varying personalities and abilities, inspired them by the Holy Spirit, and produced four separate accounts (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) of the life of Christ that would appeal to all kinds of people. We are able to see His character from four different viewpoints. Together they represent a composite picture of the Son of God. Probably the richest portrait is that given to us by Luke, the beloved physician.

Luke’s design for this record was to describe Him as a humble servant and the only perfect human being. Luke devoted a great deal of time to Jesus’ ministry to women and children, to the poor, to the underprivileged, and to the despised Samaritans. He pictured the Lord Christ as the perfect man ministering to imperfect humanity. Luke also gave much attention to the subject of prayer, recording in nine places the fact that Jesus prayed.

Luke’s Gospel may be divided into four main sections:

1. The Coming of the Son of Man
2. The Preparation of the Son of Man
3. The Ministry of the Son of Man
4. The Victory of the Son of Man

I have mentioned before the invaluable resources from the Time Warp Wife, Darlene Schacht. In November 2016 she wrote a very thorough and practical online Bible study of the book of Luke. This website includes a free study guide, questions and answers, free printables and her thoughts on each chapter throughout the book.

I highly recommend using this website for more information:    The Book of Luke

Luke 23:43 NIV

Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”


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