“The Book of Christ’s Preeminence”

Author- Paul, in Rome, in prison

Paul had never met the Colossians but he loved these young Christians very much!  So he wrote this letter to the 3 churches in the area.  This letter teaches about the position of Christ- not a man, an angel, or a prophet, but God in the flesh and the Head of the Church.

False teachers had told the people that Jesus was not the Lord but just a lord.  They also taught that their faith in Jesus was not enough for salvation.  This letter could apply to our world today because so many false teachers or groups are misleading people about Jesus’ authority and the truth of salvation through grace alone.

Ch 1,  Paul’s prayer and what Christ has done, Christ as Head of the Church, His power and the importance of staying faithful

Ch 2, Stand firm in your faith, stay faithful and always thankful, warning about false teachers, be in the world but not of it

Ch 3, Live as God’s people

Ch 4, Be fervent in prayer, keep praying and be thankful

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