In Bible class, we recently finished our six week study of the first half of Exodus. God has really impressed on my heart this past year that I need to teach Lacey (and myself) the Bible and how to study and learn from His word, book by book. I don’t need special school curriculum, I just need a Bible. I have ordered a few journals and used internet resources to work through each study. It has been such a blessing and we are both learning so much!

The one who calls you is faithful.

 I Thessalonians 5:24a

On this blog, under the category Bible Study, you can check out our notes and info on Genesis, Philippians and Proverbs.
Exodus Part 1- Chapters 1-15

Author: Moses
Setting: Egypt
Key People: Moses, Aaron, Pharaoh, Jethro, Joshua
40 Chapters

The following is the introduction from the Time Warp Wife.  The materials for this study can be found at Time Warp Wife- Exodus study
The story of Exodus in many ways typifies our redemption. In fact, the Greek word for “Exodus,” ἔξοδος (Strong’s G1841) is “an exit, departure, death.” When we give our lives over to God, our old life passes away. Through freedom in Christ we embark on a journey toward the promised land set before us. The question is, will Satan let us go without putting up a fight? Not a chance.
The Israelites left Egypt behind with the promise of a new life and a new land before them. They were slaves in Egypt, as we too were once slaves to sin, but God sent Moses to free them and lead them to a land flowing with milk and honey. Pharaoh did everything in his power to rebel against God. He had a tight hold on the Hebrew people and wasn’t about to free them or let go of his pride, but Pharaoh was no match for God. God had promised to free His people and nothing would stand in His way.

As we make our way through this study we’ll be looking at the 10 plagues of Egypt. It’s interesting to note that while the purpose of these plagues was to prove to the world that there is only one God, each plague was uniquely designed to cast down the many gods that the Egyptians worshipped.

The Israelites had a bad habit of looking back. Anytime the journey got difficult they lost focus. They longed for their days back in Egypt, and failed to see the blessings at hand.
Brief outline:

Ch 1 and 2- Moses is protected by God
Ch 3- The burning bush
Ch 4- Moses prepares to lead
Ch 5- Pharaoh increases the labor
Ch 6- Looking to the promise ahead
Ch 7- The 10 plagues begin
Ch 8- The plagues continue
Ch 9- The purpose of the plagues
Ch 10 and 11- The final plagues
Ch 12- The Passover
Ch 13- God leads and protects
Ch 14- The orchestration of God
Ch 15- The song of Moses
We each use one of these journals daily during this Exodus study:

Quieting your heart- Gratitude journal

There is space to record things you are thankful for, keep a record of fond memories, consider ways to express your gratitude, journalize what you’re learning in your quiet time, record something wonderful that happens each day, keep track of your prayer requests and praise reports and record a daily prayer. Our morning routine is to read the Bible chapter(s) together, answer the study questions and then work on our journal while listening to a few worship songs.

One of my favorite quotes from this study is, “Sin is like the Pharaoh of Egypt- it holds us hostage as the Pharaoh did Israel. But when God intends to deliver us from the bondage of personal sin, we can be certain that He will stop at nothing. Be encouraged! God can free you from the bondage of sin if you follow His leading.”

We are now working on the conclusion of this study and I will share more notes in the future. I invite you to jump into God’s word and learn more, seek Him and draw close to the One who created you and loves you!


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