Sweet Potato Fries



We love sweet potato fries so I was anxious to try this recipe.  I actually made it two times this past week, with the best results on the second try after adjusting the recipe a little.  I only had golden sweet potatoes on my first attempt so they looked a little strange when done….the pale yellow turned dark brown/black.  They tasted good but they sure didn’t look that great!

I picked up a couple of the “regular” orange ones and the results looked much better that time.  They tasted the same but looked much different.  Presentation is everything right?  Not really but it’s still important.  The flavor is really good for these fries….a little spicy and a little sweet.  I reduced the brown sugar a little and added more chipotle chili powder.  You can adjust the recipe to add more sweetness or spice!

Make sure you plan ahead on this recipe, the potatoes need to soak for about an hour before baking.

Recipe courtesy of http://www.eat-yourself-skinny.com



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