Horse Treats!

Yesterday was a very special day for my girl….it was time to celebrate the 13th birthday of her sweet horse April.  We planned to make some homemade treats on Thursday evening and take them to the barn the next day on her birthday.   As it turned out, that day was a full day of errands, class work, library time, cleaning house….you get the point.  And then the bus comes, neighbor friends are ready to play in the yard and Daddy is also outside working on some fence.  As much as she loves to cook and bake in the kitchen, my helper ditched me to enjoy the sunshine and have fun outside and of course I couldn’t blame her.

Honestly, the last thing I wanted to do that evening was make treats.  I was tired and still needed to make a grocery list and menu, clean the kitchen, prepare food for the next day, finish laundry and sneak in a run/walk before the sun went down.  But I know how much she loves that horse and I also know how much time she spends training and working with her.  So, Mom guilt kicks in, everything else will hopefully get done later, and I mix up these treats and bake them.  The recipe is very simple and uses ingredients you normally have in your kitchen which was great.  No need to buy anything extra for these treats.

We couldn’t resist, we both tasted them and both agreed that we really don’t like that much molasses!  haha   We spent a few hours at the barn yesterday as she loved on her girl, worked on some liberty training, played in the water, took a walk and lunged her.  April LOVED the special treats and kept looking in the bag for more.  The recipe made a dozen cookies so we have plenty left to share this coming week with her.  What horse wouldn’t love a soft, moist cookie made with oats, molasses and carrots?

Lacey may not remember everything that I taught her in 4 classes that day but I know that she will remember that Mom helped her to celebrate that special day!


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