I recently finished a study of the great book of Philippians and I’m excited to go through this same study with Lacey in a couple months, after we finish Proverbs.  The following link shows the journal that I used from the Time Warp Wife and I highly recommend it!

Amazon- Philippians Journal

Once again, God has already gone before us and knows what we need and the exact time that we need it.  I began this new study on August 8th.  The month of August turned out to be busy and stressful in our home; 1) Adam’s surgery, complications and recovery, 2) preparing Lacey, her horse and the paperwork for a week at the county fair, 3) planning and studying to begin 6th grade homeschool, 4) packing and spending 8 days away from home and 5) my sweet little 15 yr old dog has been seriously ill and almost died a few times.  All these things were going on at the same time throughout the month.  Fortunately, God knew what would be happening in our life and this study was just what I needed everyday to stay focused, calm and faithful to care for my family and each of these situations.  Each day it seemed that the verses and the study was just exactly what I needed for encouragement and reminders of how much God loves us and is with us all the time.  His mercies and grace are new every morning!

Below is a copy of some of my notes.  Again, all information is from Darlene Schacht, the Time Warp Wife and the study journal titled “Philippians The Joy of Christian Living”.

Authors: Paul and Timothy

Philippians is a letter of encouragement to the church in Philippi. It is only 4 chapters but is packed full of encouragement and practical advice. It is one of four books that Paul wrote while in prison. He had a deep affection and close connection to his converts. Paul’s prayer to the people was that their love would grow, they would have knowledge and understanding with their love, make good choices, be pure and sincere and do good things to bring God glory. He encourages readers to pursue their faith- focus on the finish line and the prize!

Saul of Tarsus- before conversion
Paul’s name means humble or small.
~wrote the most books in the NT.
~was a true optimist.

Main theme all throughout this letter is Joy!
*You are only one thought away from joy!
All kinds of things can rob us of joy, such as our health, our attitude, lack of sleep or feeling unloved and not appreciated. But despite our situation, we have the ability to stop right where we are, give thanks to God and find a reason to smile.
The word joy is used 6 times in this letter.
The word rejoice is used 8 times.
Rejoice means to embrace our situation with a heightened sense of joy.
Other topics include: humility, peace, obedience and contentment.


Jew- used to describe all of the physical and spiritual descendants of Israel (Jacob)
Gentile- means non-Jew

Everything we do should stem from a deep love for the father and mankind. Our knowledge and understanding of the scripture is nothing w/o an intimate relationship with Christ.

Live a genuine life, void of hypocrisy and deceit.

Life Goal- do the will of the Father/not to live for our own gratification.

Dying benefits one’s self….Living benefits those around us.

Chapter 2 shows the character of Christ- a humble servant, obedient and loving the unlovable. We love because God first loved us. The power to do good comes from God, but how and if you choose to use that power depends on you.

God studies your heart, not your hands. Your intentions should be every bit as noble as the deed, so that you might glorify Him. He wants us to desire to do His work.

Don’t entertain negative thoughts because they have the power to destroy the good work that you do. Keep your heart in check!

God doesn’t want us to just make it to heaven one day, He desires our fellowship with us right now where we are.

Heaven is our home, we are just passing through this world. This truth will keep us focused on the eternal instead of the here and now.

Chapter 4 verse 3 is the first time “the book of life” is mentioned in the Bible. Verse 4- Paul is challenging us to grow in our faith by praising God through the storm, just as he did.

Living in comfort only benefits us in the moment but living a sacrificial life benefits us for eternity.

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