Time Warp Wife

Let me introduce you to Darlene Schacht, my new favorite Christian author! She is a NY Times best-selling author from Canada whose “number one priority is to serve Jesus Christ in every area of her life.”

Website~ http://www.timewarpwife.com

FB page~ Time-Warp Wife

She provides daily marriage prayers on her fb page that I think you will really like!

She is offering a new free Bible study beginning on Aug 8- Sept 3. It is a four week study on the book of Philippians and the topic is JOY! On Aug 1st you can download the study guide online. She also provides free printable resources each week during the study.

There is an optional Bible study/journal available on Amazon for $9.58 and you can view sample pages on her website. I ordered my copy today and can’t wait to check it out!

A few months ago I worked through her study titled “A Virtuous Life” and used this great additional resource~

This study covered the following cardinal virtues:

Prudence- alert, cautious, wise

Temperance- self control, moderation

Justice- fair, honesty and integrity

Fortitude- strength, courage

I highly recommend her online Bible studies and I’m anxious to begin the new one in a couple weeks!

Here are a few other items that I have ordered recently:


I was very happy with the Joyful Expressions coloring book that was a gift for someone.

I ordered The Good Wife’s Guide awhile back but haven’t read it yet…stay tuned!


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