On these carefree summer days, I’m trying NOT to think about school starting again in a few months but I still need to plan ahead and be ready.   I have decided to do a Bible study with Lacey in the fall on the book of Proverbs.  She seems to like some of the verses and I think she’s at a great age to really dig into this book.  I have recently started studying it myself so I can be prepared to teach her and I just love it!  One author describes Proverbs as “God’s handbook for good character and conduct.”  I’ve never read it clear through, only skimmed and read certain verses so I’m excited to go through this study with her!

As I sat on the front porch reading awhile back, I had a little hummingbird that came to visit my flowers several times.  He took turns enjoying the pink and purple baskets.   They are so fast but I was able to get a picture one time, just inches from my chair.

Here are a few notes from my journal so far:

Wrote by King Solomon, son of David.

Purpose- to teach wisdom, self control, what is right, honest and fair, to give knowledge and wise advice, to teach humility, patience, purity and many other virtues.

Wisdom is moral integrity, learning, knowledge, a wise attitude, good sense.

A proverb teaches the difference between good and bad character and conduct.

Ch 1- purpose/reason for proverbs

Ch 2- the benefits of wisdom

Ch 3- more benefits and using wisdom

Ch 4- cherish wisdom- important to stay focused and faithful


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