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Pork BBQ and coleslaw

You will love this spicy pulled pork recipe from the Pioneer Woman!  I made it awhile back and it easily serves 15-20 people.  Plan ahead though, it needs to slow cook all day.

The perfect side dish…..I’m including a great copycat KFC coleslaw recipe.  It’s not exactly like KFC but it is very very good!

I have made both of these recipes at least 3-4 times and they turn out great every time!  Enjoy!


Pot Roast

This is our favorite go to recipe for pot roast!  I received a TOH magazine at a cooking show a long time ago and saved this recipe.  It’s quick and easy to prepare and the meat is so tender and full of flavor!  I put it in the crockpot this morning and it will cook all day while we clean house, work outside, play basketball and run errands.

Blueberry Banana Bread

I love Taste of Home recipes!  So when I seen this one floating around the internet lately, I had to try it.  

Lacey and I had fun this evening making this blueberry banana bread for breakfast.  We’ll have it for the next couple mornings with some OJ, peaches or mandarin oranges.   

I read the reviews and made a few changes:  I used coconut oil instead of shortening, used 3 very ripe bananas, added extra blueberries and 1/3 cup sweetened coconut flakes.  We used a Wilton mini bundt pan and made 12 little servings.  We added some chopped pecans to the remaining batter and poured it in a mini loaf pan.


Our family took a little camping vacation last week with our 4H group and I have to admit….I really missed cooking everyday.  It was very strange not preparing meals for my family.  I was happy to help in the kitchen by serving the children though!

Anyways, I thought I would share a quick pasta meal that is perfect for an easy dinner or lunch when you are doing 12 loads of laundry, unpacking and cleaning the house after being gone for a week.

I have a friend that gave me this recipe many years ago when we worked on night shift together.  It’s very simple and basic, yet delicious.  I love handwritten recipes and I always save them if possible, like I did this one on a little yellow sticky note from my friend.  Enjoy!

1 lb Rigatoni

1 Green Pepper and 1 Onion

3.5 oz Package of Pepperoni (we use the mini pepperoni)

1 Large Jar of Ragu

4oz Mozzarella

Cook pasta and drain.  Saute peppers and onions and drain.  Combine pasta, peppers, onions, pepperoni and sauce in large mixing bowl.  Pour into baking dish and top with cheese.  Bake until melted, about 10 minutes.