comfort food

My Aunt and Uncle came over for dinner awhile back and I wasn’t sure what types of food they liked or if they had any type of diet restrictions.  I thought it would be safe to make a homemade chicken pot pie on the chilly evening, with a side of green beans, KFC coleslaw and chocolate scratch cake for dessert.  Plan ahead a little bit for this recipe.  I like to boil and shred the chicken in the morning so it’s quicker to prepare later.  This recipe has become a family favorite!

almost ready for the oven…….this filling is just the best!

Am I the only person that had no idea what a pastry wheel is?  The first time I made this recipe I googled what it looked like and then tried to find one at our local stores, with no luck.  I finally found the cool little tool at the kitchen store at the mall.  I don’t like to make breads, dough, crusts or anything like that from scratch so I’ve never used one before.  It makes a neat design in the dough instead of just cutting strips.  I’ve never used it for any other recipe but it’s nice to have anyways.   Here’s what it looks like:



2 thoughts on “comfort food

  1. Donna Tallman

    The pot pie recipe looks inviting 🙂
    I don’t like making pastry, either, Missy, but I love to see all the neat things people do with it to embellish pies, like heart or leaf cut-outs, rope twists, etc. I have a small, plastic version of your pastry wheel that I bought in the cake decor aisle (it was supposed to be for fondant icing). It has interchangeable wheels for different designs.



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