Amish Bread

Who doesn’t love this type of bread?  We’ve all been given the gross looking bag of contents and messed with it for 10 days.  I found this recipe online at and it’s the one I always use now.  No starter needed.  You can mix it up in 15 minutes and it is moist and delicious.  It makes 2 loaves so you can share with a friend or pop one in the freezer for later.  It freezes very well.  I like to make it ahead of time, freeze one loaf and then pull it out to take on a camping trip.  Add some mandarin oranges or peaches and breakfast is ready!

Follow this link for complete recipe:  Amish Bread

Looking and smelling great right out of the oven last night…….


and then this happened!


Is it because of the glass baking dish?  Usually one loaf sinks a little but this time it really sunk!  I measured the baking powder very carefully to avoid this.  Still tastes good but it’s hard to slice around a hole in the middle!

Can anyone tell me why it does this??  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Amish Bread

  1. Donna Tallman

    I couldn’t pull up a photo of the “sinkhole”… lol
    but is your glass dish a square rather than a loaf shape? I’m thinking the edges may cook faster than the middle, which may be further from the sides of the pan, and so it bakes unevenly… ???
    A Bundt pan or angelfood cake pan would prob. prevent that from happening. …just a guess…


  2. sharingmytable Post author

    It was a glass loaf pan….????
    Thanks for reminding me about the photo issue…..some photos are disappearing and some only show on the laptop computer, versus mobile devices. I have no idea how to fix this problem but I’m looking into it.



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