our table


There’s just something about the family table.  Call me old fashioned but I love this special time when we can sit down at a meal, turn off the tv, just talk and enjoy this time together, hopefully uninterrupted.  It’s rare that we get to enjoy breakfast or lunch as a family but almost always we have dinner together, not always at the table but at least together!  I love dinner time at the table to share our day and enjoy each other’s company.  I could sit here for an hour or two just talking and laughing if the kitchen mess or other responsibilities weren’t awaiting.

Like many homes, our table is used for so much more than just meals.  It’s great for homeschool work, card games, puzzles, Bible study time, paperwork, nail painting, art projects and a celebration table for presents, decorations and cards.  Our good friend Danny Hamlin built this table for us this past year and the quality and craftsmanship is just great, he is so skilled at his trade.  We did some remodeling work and I sold furniture to make room for new items.  So, we didn’t have a table for several months as we shopped and then finally ordered this set.  I was beyond excited to have a table once again!  It’s always a blessing to have friends or family over for lunch or dinner.  Sometimes at this table with extra chairs, around the living room or outside at a picnic table.  There’s just something special about sharing a meal and your home with those you love.


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