I sure do!  Everyone was packed (and no one cared) in Grandma’s kitchen or living room for Sunday afternoon lunch.   I miss those early Sunday morning phone calls from Grandma to see if we were coming.  We were blessed to buy Grandma’s home and I often wonder how in the world so many people fit into this house.  I try to keep the rooms uncluttered and tidy but it’s still a small home, yet just right for the three of us.   Some of my favorite times are when family and friends are gathered in our home for a special occasion, a simple weekday dinner or a weekend BBQ or picnic.

Recently on Easter Sunday we had planned a big dinner before the egg hunt for us three, Dad and Mom, a family friend and one of Lacey’s friends.  As the seven of us stood in our kitchen and Adam led us in prayer, I knew that my Grandma was so proud and smiling down at this view.  May our home always be filled with family and friends and with love and laughter, just as it always used to be.


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